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Producer- Sarz Confirms Wizkid, Chris Brown & Jidenna Collaboration (Video)

American-Nigerian media personality, Raro Lae caught up with music producer Sarz, known famously as being, "Sarz on The Beat", at SM Productions Studio and got him to spill never heard exclusives on the Raro Lae Show.

While on the show, Sarz reveals how his stage name, 'Sarz' came about, being the problem child growing up and how he gained his parents support. When asked about his favourite thing about the music industry he states, ' That what people leave work to do for fun, I do for a living" on the contrary, his least favourite thing was "the fakeness in the industry.

Sarz confirmed that he produced Wizkid and Jidenna's new single, as well as Wizkid and Chris Brown's new single, that is set to drop this upcoming summer! They also have a lot of surprises on the way, and have been spending a lot of time in L.A., but the two are working in silence.

Raro Lae also got the exclusive that Sarz did some major work on a major U.S. artistes album. But we can't say anything just yet!

Sarz shares what motivates him, played a quick game of 'guess that song' but the tables turn when Sarz began asking Raro Lae the questions... and let's just say she didn't do too well.

Watch The Exclusive Interview below:


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