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Lauryn Ajufo - Brand New | @LaurynAjufo

Lauryn Ajufo is a 16yr old Afro-Rnb singer from South London. The Brit School student, is also an actress and a member of the Olivier Award winnng dance crew Boy Blue Entertainment.

Lauryn Ajufo has released her debut single titled 'Brand New'

Brand New is an afrobeat styled tone with a dancehall vibe, written and produced by Jiffthegeneral.

Lauryn Ajufo is currently working on a 5 track Ep entitled 'Next Generation' due for release in the Summer.

Check out her debut single 'Brand New' below.

DOWNLOAD MUSIC: Lauryn Ajufo - Brand New

Verse 1
Bright lights in the night sky
When the birds sing first thing in the morning
I think of you, I think of you.
Rain drops by my windowpane,
Feelings in me that I can't explain, I think of you oohh
I cannot lie I'm head over heals with you
Drop by whenever your day is through
I want your lips rights up against mine
Hold up on my waistline boy

Chorus x2
Baby just hold me
You know how to make me feel Brand New
So we can rock slowly
I no dey lie lie feelings no dey lie lie

Verse 2
Nah de wey you dey look me when the two of us dey together
The things you dey do for me I know sey dis pass fairweather
I treat you right cos you're so amazing
Your body just dey craze for me tantalising
Hurry down for me I'm waiting
I'll be thinking of you till you get here
Where you can just

Repeat Chorus x2

Nah you be my bobo you're the finest
Perfect in everyway no refinement
You stole my heart and I don't want it back
I never wanna give you up
Kiss me baby now and don't you stop
hmm did I ever tell you I loved you
You make me feel Brand New
Baby just

Repeat Chorus

You know how make me feel Brand New
I no dey lie lie feeling no dey lie lie x2

DOWNLOAD: Lauryn Ajufo - Brand New (Official Lyric Video)

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